Weekly Mowing & Trimming

How hard is it to mow your grass? Not very, but it is your most time consuming chore in the summer. If done right it is the key to a green, healthy, weed-free lawn. If not, it can stress your lawn, leading to brown patches and weed infestation.

We will cut your grass at the optimal 3 inch height. Well maintained mowers with sharp blades cut the grass rather than tearing it, minimizing stress, ensuring a strong, healthy lawn. Whenever possible, we mulch the grass clippings into the lawn. It is a common misconception that clippings lead to a build-up of thatch. In fact, if the clippings aren't too heavy, they break down quickly, returning nutrients to the soil.

Our basic contract includes weekly mowing and trimming from May 1 to September 31. We do our best to come on the same day each week, but ask for your patience if weather forces us to alter the schedule.